Our apartments

The two apartments (named Adega and Videira) are situated in the large barn of the old wine farm. By using authentic (renovation) building techniques, the apartments have each retained their own atmosphere.

Spacious design with many extras

The apartments are spacious and equipped with all kinds of extras, which give your holiday that little bit extra. An air conditioner that can cool and heat, a good kitchen with dishwasher, a spacious bathroom with underfloor heating, a nice terrace, a comfortable double bed (or two single beds) and where would we be without good WIFI!

Plenty of outdoor space and a pool

Quinta dos Pernobes is located on a plot of 2000 square meters, so in addition to the two apartments there is enough space for a large garden and a swimming pool. Each apartment has its own outdoor terrace and Quinta dos Pernobes also has a lot of outdoor space. Of course there is a swimming pool (on a salt water basis) with a terrace and sun loungers. And don’t forget our eira (threshing floor) with all-round views of Obidos, the lagoon and the sea!

Adults Only

Quinta dos Pernobes is a small-scale accommodation with two apartments, each suitable for two guests. So in total there are never more than four guests present at our Quinta! Because of the small scale, we are an Adults Only accommodation. Are children not welcome at all? Certainly, but only if guests book both apartments for themselves.

Apartment Adega

Apartment Adega can be found in the part of the barn, where the wine used to be stored in stone wine tanks. One of these wine tanks has been rebuilt and now serves as a spacious bathroom.

Apartment Videira

Apartment Videira was built in the part of the barn, where the grapes were pressed for wine production. This can still be seen on the leg of the dining table, which was once part of the wine press.


The stay in apartment Adega or Videira costs 95 euros per night, with a minimum stay of three nights. Do you want to stay a week? Then you pay 595 euros. These rates are all-in, so no surprises afterwards, such as cleaning costs or tourist tax.

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